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A new world order?

At Anh Thomas Investment, we like America. We always had and very likely always will. Several of our employees have lived in the US while others visit the US on a regular basis. Loving a country, or even worshipping it, should in no way affect your decisions as an investor. Facts are facts and you must never disconnect from reality.

Facts, and above all how well they are understood and analysed, is what make an investment successful or not.

The USA has been a superpower for more than half a century and despite President Trump's efforts to keep America on top, there is little doubt that China will surpass the US to become the first power in the World very soon.

When you look at GDP at purchasing power parity China has already surpassed the US by a substantial amount.

China should not be able to surpass the US in terms of real GDP in the next 10 years.

However, even when China will surpass the US it will be quite a dramatic change for the latter.

In fact, the US will not be the world number one power in terms of GDP but will obviously not be the first in terms of GDP per capita either. (Currently the US ranks only 8th on this criteria). This will be the end of an area and the start of another where Asian countries, including in a modest way Vietnam, will lead the world.

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