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Buying stocks in any country in the World can be tough

Buying stocks in any country in the World can be tough but even in the most difficult countries such as some countries in West Africa, it is still possible to do it yourself as long as you spend the time to make the appropriate searches. Internet is a tool that can help anyone do amazing things.

However, it can be easily argued that finding these information will take quite a lot of time. If you feel that this is too much work or just that you do not want to do this yourself, Anh Thomas Investment can help you and guide you in order for you to open a broker account in the country you desire.

The following link is a forum where you can see people explaining how to open (or at least one way to do so) a brokerage account in Tokyo, Japan.

But opening a brokerage account is only one step.

This is part of the administrative job of an independent investor.

But arguably the hard part is not to be able to start trading, instead the hard part is actually to trade successfully once your broker account is open.

So many individual investors have lost money over the years. In fact, it has been shown that most individual investors massively under-perform the indexes.

There is a multitude of reasons that can help explaining these poor performances but to put it simply, most individual investors lack some of the required skills to be successful and this is where Anh Thomas Investment can help.

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