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There are 5 steps in order to produce an effective financial plan:​

Step 1: Setting goals with the client

This step is meant to identify where you want to go in terms of finances and life.

Step 2: Gathering relevant information on the client
This will cover both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your financial and relevant non-financial situation.


Step 3: Analysing the information
The information gathered is analysed so that we properly understand your situation. This includes determining whether there are sufficient resources to reach your goals and what those resources are.​

Step 4: Constructing a financial plan 
Based on the understanding of what you want in the future and your current financial status, a roadmap is drawn to facilitate the achievements of those goals.​


Step 5: Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendations 
In this step, we will present you the recommendations and explain the process behind the recommendations.​​​​​​


This is a fixed fee agreed upfront. Our fees depend on the nature and the complexity of the work being carried out. 

What you will get:

For most clients, the report will be between 20 and 30 pages long. The report will include a preface, your personal details, general information, your objectives: your income and expenses, your attitude to risk, your current Assets and Liabilities. The report will also include your current net Worth, an Asset Allocation Analysis, Stocks Portfolio Analysis, Real Estate Portfolio Analysis, Geographical Distribution Analysis. Most importantly, the plan will include our recommendations, a detailed plan of action and a projection of your net worth.

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