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Our company practices what we preach by investing our own funds in the same assets that we recommend to our clients
As a prospective client, this should be of importance to you for the following reasons:
1.    Alignment of Interests: This demonstrates that our interests are aligned with those of our clients. Our income is not generated through commissions but is performance-based, meaning our success as a financial advisor is directly tied to the success of our clients.
2.    Professionalism: Investing in the same assets showcases our professionalism and commitment to putting our own money where our mouth is.
3.    Confidence in Investments: By investing in the assets we recommend, it highlights our confidence in those investments.
Together, let's strive towards mutual prosperity!


Service: Stock investing
We had the pleasure of working with a client who saw the potential of the Vietnamese stock market and decided to invest with our help. Over the years, her investment performed exceptionally well and she chose to increase her investment even further.
We work closely with her to help her to make informed decisions about her investment strategy.
Our team also provided ongoing support and guidance to ensure her portfolio remains aligned with her goals and risk tolerance.
Her trust in our services has been rewarded with strong returns as you can see below.

* Started investing in: March 2015

* Total investments: EUR 440 000

* Portfolio value as of end of 2022: EUR 952 000


Service: Stock investing

The client has been working in sales for the last 6 years and has found success in this field, becoming passionate about her job. Despite her success, she realized that she had not been managing her money as well as she wanted to. 

She decided to take control of her finances and began investing following our advices. Her goal was to retire by the age of 40 and she knew that investing early and taking risks would be crucial to achieving this goal. In 2016, she began investing in Vietnamese stocks, which turned out to be an excellent decision when looking at her portfolio's performance since then.

With her continued success in both her career and her stock investments she is now on track to retire by the age of 40. 

* Started investing in: September 2016

* Total investments: EUR 180 000

* Portfolio value as of end of 2022: EUR 378 000


Service: Financial planning

The client was in search of a financial planner who could guide them through the process of creating a comprehensive financial plan that would help him achieve his financial goals. He wanted to be actively involved in the process, and to feel empowered to make the best decisions for his family. He also desired to have peace of mind knowing that his decisions were being made with professional guidance.

With the help of his financial planner, he received a comprehensive plan that incorporated a low-cost, tax-efficient investment strategy for retirement. This strategy was designed to help him grow his savings while minimizing his tax liability. Additionally, cash flow planning was incorporated to help him figure out how to use his surplus for college, retirement, and everything in between. This allowed him to have a clear understanding of his current financial situation and make informed decisions about his spending and saving habits.

Furthermore, the plan included scenario analysis to show what life would look like depending on his career evolution. This helped him determine the best strategy for moving forward, taking into account different potential outcomes and how this would impact his financial goals.

Overall, the client now has a clear picture of where he is and where he is going. He is on track for all of his goals and feel empowered in his decisions. With the help of his financial planner, he is now able to make informed choices about his financial future with confidence.

* First contact in: 2022

* Cost of the financial plan: EUR 3 800

* Estimated gains due to the financial plan over the next 5 years: ≈ EUR 200 000

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