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Most of our alternative investments are only available to ​accredited investors.

Contact us to check if you qualify.

What types of alternative investments do we offer?

Why invest in Start-ups with our help?
Investing in start-ups allows you to d
etach yourself from market trends by diversifying.

No start-up will give you return from day 1 and many will unfortunately go bankrupt, but on the long-term returns can be huge.

We specialize on Asian start-ups and our team of experts can find the best start-up for you.

Why invest in Art with our help?

Investing in art has several advantages. A work of art offers you at the same time a feeling of personal satisfaction and, if all goes well, a financial return over time. Investing in art also allows collectors to see and benefit from their everyday investments in a way that is not available to those who invest in stocks and bonds. It is also an effective way to hedge against inflation.

Why invest in Corporate Bonds with our help?

Corporate bonds are not always easy to understand, and we can help you to make the right decision.

Corporate bonds can add diversification to your portfolio.

Corporate bonds are diverse, liquid, and have lower volatility than stocks.

Unfortunately, less risk also means less returns over time, but corporate bonds remain an interesting type of investment.

What are the risks?
To build wealth over time, investors need to accept a significant amount of risk. That is why it is important to always consider what the worst-case scenario could be with every investment decision you make. Investing in Start-ups can be extremely rewarding, but it is a very risky business. Investing in Art means accepting many risks as well, including the high costs and fees, a lack of investment income or dividends, the prevalence of counterfeits, and a greater than average risk of destruction of the assets. Finally, investing in Corporate Bonds might be less risky but corporate bonds are exposed to interest rate risk and credit or default risk which is the risk that the borrower fails to repay the loan and defaults on its obligation.


What about the tax implications?
Tax law is complex, unique to each country and subject to regular change and updates. That is why we work with tax advisors that will be able to help you on this matter.


How much does it cost?
Our fees will be determined by the value and complexity of the transaction. Contact us to discuss more.

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